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Patient Testimonials

My husband arrived at the first appointment with Dr. McKalip in June of this year, a notebook full of questions in hand to ask. He need not have bothered with his list, however, as Dr. McKalip was very detail oriented and explained everything. His ties to his community, the compassion he showed me and the caring way he spoke to me just demonstrated his trustworthiness and left me feeling very comfortable about putting my surgery in his capable hands. I once heard that surgeons are God’s angels at work here on earth. Dr. McKalip has proven this to be true.

Valerie S.

Dr. McKalip is a phenomenal neurosurgeon. During my very first visit with him I found that he not only gave me 100% of his attention, but he also clearly explained to me what my surgery options were. I ultimately decided to have a cervical laminectomy to repair my herniated cervical disc and I would choose to do it all again. Dr. McKalip is very skilled and I will definitely go back to him if I need any further surgeries.


I have suffered with Parkinson’s Disease for the past 20 years. When my wife suggested Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), the thought of someone messing around with my brain flipped my response to “Code Red.” Progressive disclosures did the trick: reading an article by Time magazine’s guest columnist Michael Kinsley about his experience with DBS – especially how it’s allowed him to keep working, hearing good things from fellow support group members who had undergone DBS and – most important of all – meeting the doctor who would perform the procedure – neurosurgeon, David McKalip. From the moment he handed me a CD about DBS to the last follow-up appointment, Dr. McKalip and his staff were always available, attentive, caring and responsive. From the get-go, I was in safe hands. And, best of all, my tremors have lessened remarkably…

Pierre C.

“Dr. McKalip possessed answers for my problem. He performed and excelled, removing all pain from my back with surgery. He handled my workers compensation accordingly with no time delay. Dr. McKalip gave me my life back!  God bless him.  I will always be grateful for him.”

-Gladys L.

“I had a problem with disc in my neck. I was in pain for 20 years. I was told I needed the operation 10 years ago. I saw four different doctors and never felt confident (until meeting Dr. McKalip). His staff is very helpful. After my operation, no more pain, no more pain pills, I am in such a better mood all the time, my whole family is happy. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. McKalip if you’re looking for a neurosurgeon.  HE GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK.  Thank you so much.”

-Bill R.

“I was diagnosed with DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) many years ago, but after seeing Dr. McKalip he found I also had spinal stenosis.  The pain was so severe it would stop me in my tracks when I walked.  I not only used a cane but during severe times, a walker.  Dr. McKalip did surgery on my Lumbar area in March, 2014.  On that day I woke up in recovery to find my left foot was itching… (For the) first time in over 5 years, I could not only feel my feet and legs, I was pain FREE!   His staff goes out of their way to help you in any way possible –they are all a perfect match.  As far as Dr. McKalip, he gave me a whole new life!  To wake up every morning pain-FREE goes way beyond words.  He is one of God’s Angels–you just can’t see his wings.”

-Wanda R.

“On behalf of the VA, you performed a most successful operation in the thoracic area of my spine following plasmacytoma destruction of three vertebrae and an unsuccessful kyphoplasty by another surgeon.  I’m pleased to say I’ve not experienced any problems since and, after intensive rehab at the Tampa VA SCI unit, I have been walking aid-free since November 2008.  Thank you for giving me back my life!  Seven additional years of quality life and now 73, going strong… Thank you again.”

-Bob E.