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Surgical Spine Treatment

There are a variety of surgeries that may be needed for your care for spine problems.  Surgeries involve removing pressure from pinched nerves through a variety of techniques. These can include laminectomies, discectomies and fusions.

Brain surgery is usually done with techniques to make the incisions as small as possible and to protect brain from damage. Total tumor removal is the goal, but small amounts that are left behind to protect brain is usually managed with doses of radiation after recovery from surgery.

Experienced Surgeon

David. McKalip, M.D.

With more than twenty years experience, most of it centered in the Tampa Bay area, Dr. David McKalip is a highly respected neurosurgeon who brings an understanding of many medical disciplines to his medical and surgical practice. Most treatments are non-invasive.

In addition to in-depth experience, he brings a caring mind and heart to counsel his patients at his spine care center. Read more about Dr. McKalip.


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