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Manage your brain and spine

Manage your brain and spine

Dr. David McKalip is a board certified brain and spine surgeon. He is ready to provide the customized, compassionate care you need to help you get better as quickly as possible.

Dr. McKalip takes time to evaluate you and come up with the best plan for your care that you understand. You will have all your questions answered and will never feel rushed or confused.

Experienced, Compassionate Surgeon

Dr. David McKalip

Dr. David McKalip

With more than twenty years experience, most of it centered in the Tampa Bay area, Dr. David McKalip is a highly respected neurosurgeon who brings an understanding of many medical disciplines to his medical and surgical practice. Most treatments he recommends are non-invasive.

In addition to in-depth experience, he brings a caring mind and heart to counsel his patients at his spine care center. Read more about Dr. McKalip.

Your First Visit

You may be enduring constant pain, weakness of limbs, lack of mobility, and reduced range of motion. Brain Problems can cause disorders of thought, movement, strength, and headaches. These are just a few symptoms, and there are other symptoms you might experience. Every situation is unique. To better understand your needs, your first visit with Dr. McKalip begins with a thorough history, medical examination, and review of any films from prior diagnostic testing. We listen to your body’s signals and we listen to you.

Your spine

Your spine supports you through life and carries the nerves that connect your body to your brain. When there are issues within the spine, the impact it makes on your daily function can be significant. Read More

All of us take our bodies for granted until there is pain. From small aches to significant pain, those signals are our body’s way of sending a message.

Our method, is to listen to what your body is telling you, to discover what the source of your discomfort it, and to provide you with better results and more options for recovery.

Spine Surgery

Surgery is only considered after all conservative treatments have failed. Often times, non-invasive actions such as physical therapy can relieve pain symptoms;
Read More

Your Treatment Plan

We begin by talking with you about all the options available to you. We discuss treatment plans with you, and provide you with information that allows you to make an informed decision. We help you navigate the matters of insurance, the process of treatment, and the steps to recovery, with better results and the flexibility of more options from which to choose.
You are our focus and your recovery is our main goal. Read More