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Spine Management

Spine Management

Following any trauma to the back, neck, spine or shoulders, the first step is proper diagnosis. Our medical director, Dr. David McKalip, brings together a clinical team that consists of your primary care physician, your spine care physicians, the surgeon at Start to Finish Spine care, and a strong team of strategic partners who provide your support team.

Better Results. More Options.

Spine management begins with a process of evaluation, and then healing. When you have more options for spine care, you have a range of well-planned treatments. With more options, you have resources and networks of highly qualified community-based physicians who diagnose disorders of the spine, neck, and back.

With many more options that we want to provide for our patients, spine management may include alternative programs that would provide non-invasive techniques to solve spine management concerns. We treat cervical, thoracic, and lumbar radiculopathy with selective nerve root blocks and epidural steroid injections.

Dr. David McKalip, a notable neurosurgeon, with decades of clinical experience, has taught us that treating the whole person gets superior results when compared to diagnosing an isolated body part. Your body functions as one interrelated whole, and we offer you a highly advanced, integrated solution that includes:

  • Skilled diagnosis and whole-body assessments
  • Customized program
  • Broad array of available therapies
  • Focus on preventing re-injury

As your treatment plan advances, you may have the option of doing some exercises at home or in our office. We provide instructions to continue in the comfort of your own home.

Again, we want you to have better results and more options.