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Accurate Diagnosis

Get an Accurate diagnosis

Are you seeing a doctor, or a nurse?

The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis – what is the cause of your pain?

  • Is it really a pinched nerve?
  • Is it coming from the spine, the brain or the nerves in the arms or legs?
  • Could there be something growing outside your spine, or an infection?

A visit with an experienced doctor is designed to answer these questions.

At Start To Finish Spine Care, you will see a doctor first. On your first visit, you will see a spine specialist who will spend 45 minutes with you to understand your medical history and make sure you are safe. At most other spine clinics, you will often see a nurse for 95% of your visit and a doctor will spend perhaps 5 minutes with you.

That is the difference between other spine clinics and Start to Finish Spine Care.

Nurses and physician’s assistants are not trained, experienced or able to make an accurate diagnosis and come-up with a treatment plan for you. Nor is this position able to ensure ruling out the more rare causes of pain that may be more serious. Make sure you see a doctor who spends their time with you. You are paying the same – why not get the best?

Even better, you can usually get an appointment to see an experienced spine specialist within a few days or the same day at Start to Finish Spine Care. Such a quick visit with a specialist is a rarity these days (except at Start to Finish Spine Care). Call 727.822.3500 to schedule an appointment today.

At Start to Finish Spine Care the doctor with work with you.

Your doctor will work with you to determine if you need specific tests to help diagnose your problems, such as an MRI, and will then order them and have you come back into the office to explain the results.

Many times, extensive and expensive testing will not be needed and can be avoided. This is helpful in times when more and more health costs have to be paid for out of your own pocket. No nurse is going to be able to give you sound advice when it comes to picking the right test and no doctor who spends 5 minutes with you will do it as well as one that spends the entire visit with you.

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